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All Stars Core

The central program in the All Stars series is All Stars Core. In All Stars Core, students identify positive ideals and future aspirations. They participate in games and discussions that establish positive peer group norms; peer pressure to engage in risky behavior disappears. Students commit to personal standards of behaviors. All Stars Core promotes bonding with family, school and community. It encourages parents and kids to talk about aspirations and commitments. 

Core is designed to be delivered when students are between 11 and 13 years old (sixth or seventh grade), There are thirteen highly interactive 45-minute sessions. There are an additional eight supplemental sessions should time permit. Weekly or twice weekly delivery is recommended.

Core prevents alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, reduces bullying and fighting, and postpones sexual activity by: 

  • Building idealism and a belief in the future 
  • Establishing positive norms 
  • Establishing personal commitments to avoid risky behaviors 
  • Promoting bonding to school or the group 
  • Promoting positive parental attentiveness

The program includes: 

  • 13 lessons, a class celebration 
  • Parent meeting lessons 
  • Lessons to integrate concepts throughout your school or community group. 

Core includes paper worksheets with optional online worksheets for some activities. All Stars Core is newly revised. See the back panel for details about how Core has been improved.

All Stars Core Logic Model (PDF)