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Middle School Programs

All Stars Core, Booster, and Plus are highly engaging, effective prevention programs. All Stars middle school programs can be delivered in schools or in community settings. Lessons are designed around 45-minute blocks. Middle School programs are available in both English and Spanish.

All Stars Core

All Stars Core is the first middle school program, designed for student ages 11 through 13 (6th or 7th grades). Core includes paper worksheets. All Stars Core is newly revised. See the back panel for details about how Core has been improved.

All Stars Booster

All Stars Booster is designed to be delivered the year following All Stars Core. Follow-up is important in prevention. Booster lessons reinforce the concepts taught in Core.

All Stars Plus

All Stars Plus reinforces concepts taught in Core and Booster and expands concepts to build skills needed for the transition to middle adolescence.

Program Integration

The three middle school programs are designed to be integrated throughout the school or organization.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Option 1CoreBoosterPlus

Option 2Core & PlusBooster