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Program Goals

All Stars has two goals:

  • Prevent harmful behaviors among adolescents 
  • Help adolescents build bright futures

Preventing Harmful Behaviors

The prevalence of substance use increases as adolescents grow older. The goal of All Stars is to reduce use and abuse. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants are often referred to as gateway drugs: they are the substances first used by adolescents. The graph that follows portrays typical 30 day prevalence for alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana.

Drug Prevalence with No Prevention














The next graph portrays our goal, what might happen if All Stars was well implemented from the end of elementary school through high school.

Prevalence Goals with All Stars














All Stars also seeks to postpone premature sexual activity. Consider the typical prevalence of sexual activity among boys and girls as they grow older.

Prevalence of Sex with No Prevention














It would be much better if the prevalence of sexual activity looked like this:

Prevalence Goals with All Stars














All Stars has similar goals for fighting and bullying. Whatever risky behavior exists, it is All Stars' goal to reduce it, postpone it, and prevent it.

Building Bright Futures

The second goal of All Stars is to help students envision a brighter future. All adults who interact with youth have the responsibility to help raise the next generation. This includes helping youth:

  • Become self-sufficient. Being employed and employable, being able to take care of themselves and not be dependent on others for basic needs for living. 
  • Developing lasting and fulfilling relationships. Treating others with respect and receiving respect in return, including being prepared to establish a caring and supportive relationships with friends and family. 
  • Contributing to the community. Giving back to the community through service and developing a legacy to leave behind.