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All Stars training will reveal key ideas, teach crucial skills, provide a connection to important resources, answer questions and help you start teaching successfully. Participants in All Stars training consistently give it high marks for preparing fully them to teach the program. Introductory and follow-up training sessions are strongly recommended.

Each All Stars program is a highly refined tool that, in the hands of a skilled teacher, can have an amazing influence on the lives of young people. Like any tool, it is more effective if used properly. Our goal in training is to help you achieve optimal effectiveness when implementing All Stars. All Stars is unique in the quality and extent of training we provide. Teachers are not only introduced to All Stars, they are invited to receive additional training until they become certified master teachers. We offer three options for training.

  • Live online training is our most popular option. You complete training in the convenience of you home or office and require only a computer with internet access and a phone or computer audio headset. All Stars Core training is completed in 4 two-hour sessions ($300 per participant). All Stars Elementary, Booster, Plus, and Senior training is completed in 2 two-hour sessions ($150 per participant). 
  • Hosted onsite meetings bring a trainer to you. This is ideal for groups wishing to train between 10 and 20 people. All Stars Core training is completed in 12 hours over the course of two days ($3,000 plus trainer's travel expenses). All Stars Elementary, Booster, Plus, and Senior training is completed in one full-day session ($1,500 plus trainer's travel expenses). 
  • You may also join an onsite meeting is a hosted training has room for additional attendees. When space is available, joining a hosted All Stars Core training is $250 per person; Elementary, Booster, Plus, and Senior training meetings are $150 per person. Participants are responsible for their own travel and expenses. Training fees do not include the cost of teacher manuals and other materials.