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All Stars Character Education

All Stars Character EducationAll Stars Character Education is an innovative science-based prevention program that promotes prosocial behavior and attitudes with 4th or 5th graders. When done as intended, the effects on students can be profound.

All Stars Character Education targets behaviors that are precursors to the development of risky behaviors, such as substance use, fighting and early sexual activity. The precursor behaviors include lying, stealing, cheating, name calling and bullying. Research shows the earlier one or more of these precursor behaviors begin the higher the risk for substance use, fighting and early sexual activity.

The focus of All Stars Character Education is on strengthening students’ motivation to avoid the precursor behaviors by:

  • Establishing positive norms

  • Promoting bonding to positive peers and a positive adult

  • Building six positive character qualities, including being caring, forgiving, helpful, honest, respectful and responsible

  • Promoting positive parent/adult attention

The program includes 15 highly engaging and hands-on activities, that range from 20-40 minutes in length, along with pre-printed parent memos for each activity, that informs parents what the goal of the activity was and ideas on how they can reinforce it at home with their child.

Would you like a free preview copy of the All Stars Character Education curriculum? Request your preview copy to Anne by calling 336-601-9909 or at allstarsprevention1@gmail.com

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