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All Stars Senior

All Stars Senior is a program in the All Stars series and is a science-based program based on over twenty-five years of research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and practical experience. An independent evaluation of an earlier, classroom-only version of All Stars Senior demonstrated that it improves qualities research shows accounts for why adolescents engage in the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. It has also shown to reduce increases in lifetime alcohol consumption, lifetime risky alcohol use and 30-day tobacco use. Among high-risk students, the program demonstrated greater effects.

All Stars Senior helps prepare high school students to make educated, responsible and healthy choices to avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. All Stars Senior also focuses on improving students’ attitudes and behavior and includes research-based strategies that are fun, engaging and effective.

The program includes three 45-60 minute lessons:

An introduction lesson designed to be delivered by the teacher in a classroom/group setting.

An online lesson designed to be completed by students, independently. The online lesson includes six sections:

1. Introduction
2. Social Norms: Perceptions of Drug Use
3. Drugs, the Brain and the Body
4. Consequences of Use
5. Under Pressure: Resisting Pressure and Opting Out Strategies
6. Forward to the Future: Goal Setting

A conclusion lesson to be taught by the teacher in a classroom/group setting.

The program includes a teacher guide with scripted lesson plans and power point slides for each, along with an online ID and password for each student to access the online lesson.

A recent study of All Stars Senior found the program to be just as effective in community-based settings with high school students as in classroom settings. Teachers reported students enjoyed the program, found the material relevant and helpful and were highly engaged in group discussions with each other. Teachers loved the ease in the delivery of the program, believed it enhanced their overall curriculum and reported a strong desire to continue teaching the program.

A demo of the student online lesson is available. Contact Kathleen at to request access to the demo.