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All Stars Senior

All Stars SeniorAll Stars Senior helps prepare high school students to make educated, responsible and healthy choices to avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. All Stars Senior focuses on improving students' attitudes and behaviors and includes research-based strategies that are fun, engaging and effective.

All Stars Senior includes three modules. The 45-minute introduction module is delivered by the teacher in a classroom/group setting. The second module is an online lesson designed to be completed by students independently. It includes six sections and takes up to 90 minutes for students to complete. The six sections include:

1. Introduction
2. Social Norms: Perceptions of Drug Use
3. Drugs, the Brain and the Body
4. Consequences of Use
5. Under Pressure: Resisting Pressure and Opting Out Strategies
6. Forward to the Future: Goal Setting

The last 45-minute module concludes All Stars Senior and is taught by the teacher in a classroom/group setting.

Unlike the other All Stars programs, All Stars Senior does not require the purchase of consumable student materials. It does require the purchase of log in/passwords for each student. Each order also includes a complimentary teacher guide and power point slides for the introduction and conclusion modules.

All Stars Senior was designed to be delivered in high school health classes as it meets the National Health Education outcome standards. However, over time, the program has proven to adapt well in community settings that have access to computers for students to do the online module.

If you would like a demo of the online module of All Star Senior, contact Kathleen Nelson-Simley at kathleen@knslearningsolutions.com.

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