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Teacher Training

Each All Stars program is a highly refined tool that, in the hands of a skilled teacher, can have an amazing influence on the lives of young people. While each program has well-written lesson plans with step-by-step instructions, teachers with proper training, have proven to deliver All Stars with a higher degree of fidelity and stronger student outcomes. The bottom line is…All Stars students benefit from well-trained teachers!

All Stars training is in-depth, highly interactive and fun! Training covers program theory, reveals key concepts, teaches crucial skills, shares proven tips and answers questions. Best of all, training allows teachers to personally experience All Stars first-hand as the trainer models the delivery of each lesson with each training group. Our goal in training is to empower a teacher to leave with confidence, competence and the enthusiasm to be the best All Stars teacher they can be!

We offer two options for training.

  • Live online training is our most popular option. You complete the training in the convenience of your home or office! Host your own private online session or join a session with other All Stars teachers from across the country.
  • Hosted onsite training brings a trainer to you. This is ideal for groups wishing to train between 10 and 20 people.

Best of all, we continue to support teachers after training. We offer free support via phone, email, e-newsletters and webinars to anyone who has completed training. On-site support is also recommended and customizable to your needs.