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Teacher Training

Teacher TrainingEach All Stars program is a highly refined tool that, in the hands of a skilled teacher, can have an amazing influence on the lives of young people. While each program has well-written lesson plans with step-by-step instructions, training is required of every teacher delivering an All Stars program if outcome evaluation is planned with their delivery.

Teachers who complete All Stars training have proven to teach the program with higher fidelity, teach with higher student engagement and have the strongest program outcomes at the end. Testimonials from those attending All Stars training overwhelmingly support the value of training. The bottom line is…All Stars students benefit from well-trained teachers!

Each All Stars program has its own unique teacher training course. Each course is available online and allows a teacher to complete the training on their own time and at their own pace. The length of each training course varies, ranging from 3-7 hours. Training course assessments are required to be completed with a satisfactory grade before a teacher is certified in the program.

Each training course includes mini-lectures, real student/classroom examples, proven tips for every lesson, solutions for common challenges, pitfalls to avoid and so much more.

Best of all, we provide free technical assistance to all trained and certified teachers through phone calls, emails, a weekly blog and webinars. Some technical assistance services may have a cost, depending on the request and the need.

To learn more about training, including options for large groups and pricing, contact our licensed trainer, Kathleen Nelson-Simley at 402-489-1072 or at kathleen@knslearningsolutions.com.