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All Stars does more than prevent risky behaviors. All Stars programs are designed to change lives by helping young people build bright futures. Beginning in the upper grades of elementary school and continuing through high school, All Star provides consistent and integrated tools for prevention. All Stars programs reach youth during the years of greatest vulnerability to experimenting with substances, fighting, bullying, and initiating sexual activity.

During adolescence, young people grow and mature. They change from being concrete thinkers to becoming abstract thinkers. The transition through adolescence increases social awareness, a desire to fit in, to gain personal identity and social status.

All Stars uses our understanding of what adolescents experience and how these experiences change lives. All Stars programs match the social and cognitive development of students. Our approach is effective because it deals with the root causes of behavior. All Stars targets things that matter using strategies that engage and inspire students.

All Stars Character Education is for 4th and 5th grade elementary school students. All Stars Core, Booster, and Plus target youth during the middle school years (ages 11 through 13). All Stars Senior is for high school students. The programs are designed to work together, covering the entire span of adolescent development.