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Student Outcome Evaluation

Student Surveys

All Stars Prevention offers pretest and posttest surveys to measure the effectiveness of the All Stars program. These surveys are scientifically designed for the program you teach. Therefore, you can be confident that the items on the survey are appropriate for the program. For one dollar per survey per student ($2), a pretest and posttest survey is provided. Surveys can be ready to go within days of receiving an order. We use Brilliance Analytics, LLC as our survey and evaluation vendor. Brilliance Analytics provides: 

  • A matched pretest and posttest survey for each student. Printed surveys have unique bar code identifiers to track students between pretest and posttest.
  • Data management and processing.
  • A report that includes bar charts and average scores.

All Stars student surveys can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or community. Standard All Stars Core and Booster surveys include demographic questions (gender, age, and ethnicity), behavior questions (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalant use), and Core mediators (idealism, norms, commitment, bonding, and positive parental attentiveness). Standard All Stars Plus surveys add Plus mediators (decision making, goal setting, and resistance skills). In addition, surveys may include questions about problem behavior, fighting and bullying, and sexual activity. Some schools or community groups may wish to eliminate behavior items.

Click to download a sample consent form.

Fidelity Assessments

Fidelity is a measure of how closely a facilitator adheres to the program they are teaching. Organizations who purchase the All Stars program may access fidelity or quality of implementation or forms by clicking on the links below.