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Student Outcome Evaluation

Student Outcome EvaluationAll Stars is designed to change students' attitudes and behaviors. You can measure your success with All Stars by using the student pre and posttest surveys that have been scientifically designed for the program. No other survey will give you All Stars specific data.

One of the most important things you want to measure and know with the All Stars pre and posttest survey is whether you achieved your immediate program outcomes (see program logic models) by the end of the program. A majority of the questions on the surveys are written and designed to measure these immediate outcomes.

Another thing the All Stars student pre/posttest surveys will measure is their past and current participation in risky behaviors. Getting a snapshot at the beginning of the program of what your kids have already done or not done when it comes to risky behaviors and comparing it to what they are doing or not doing at the end of the program, and over time if you plan to do any evaluation longitudinally, is important.

All Stars pre/posttest surveys are available for purchase. However, they are automatically included in the Standard student material package for All Stars Character Education, All Stars Booster and All Stars Plus. They are also included in the All Stars Core Standard and Complete student material packages. Purchasing student materials for All Stars Senior is not required so student pre/posttest surveys would need to be purchased separately for this program. For pricing information on these student material packages, as well as purchasing surveys separately, please visit www.allstarsprevention.com/store.

When you invest in the All Stars pre/posttest survey, you have two options for administering it with students: 1) using paper and pencil or 2) doing it online. You can choose which option works best for you when you place your order. No matter which option you choose, once your students complete the pre- and posttest surveys, you will return them to All Stars Prevention. Our knowledgeable research staff will compile and analyze your student surveys and provide you with a report of the results at no additional charge. This is a one-of-a-kind service that many other prevention programs do not offer their customers.

If you want to see a sample copy of the All Stars student pre/posttest survey, please contact Anne at All Stars Prevention by calling 336-601-9909 or at allstarsprevention1@gmail.com.