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All Stars Plus

All Stars Plus builds on content covered in All Stars Core. The program consists of twelve 45-minute sessions that are supplemented with five additional sessions that can be delivered if time permits. All Stars Plus reinforces motivational concepts introduced in All Stars Core. Thus, Plus promotes a belief in positive futures, develops positive norms, strengthens personal commitments, strengthens bonds, and encourage positive attention from parents. In addition, All Stars Plus builds important skills students need to succeed in developing healthy lifestyles. These include: 

  • Developing skills for making good decisions 
  • Learning how to set and be persistent at working towards goals 
  • Learning how to resist peer pressure, at the same time understanding the peer pressure to engage in risky behavior is rare and unacceptable

Like all other All Stars programs, Plus is highly interactive. Teachers have flexibility about when to deliver Plus, either after Core or after Booster. The program includes: 

  • 12 lessons 
  • A class celebration 
  • Parent meeting lessons 
  • Lessons to integrate concepts throughout your school or community group. 


(Download a PDF of the All Stars Plus Logic Model)