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All Stars Character Education: A Unique and Fun Way of Reaching Elementary Students

Author: Kathleen Nelson-Simley Posted: Thursday - January 18, 2018

All Stars Character Education is an innovative program that promotes the development of positive character traits and attitudes with children ages 9-11 (grades 4 and 5). Research consistently demonstrates that early intervention is essential to prevention and positive character development. Substance use and violence are rare among later elementary-aged students. However, research shows that attitudes and beliefs formed during these years predict the development of problems later on.

All Stars Character Education targets the attitudes and behaviors that are precursors to the development of problem behaviors in adolescence. But, the program does more than prevent negative behaviors. The program also enhances positive characteristics we all want young people to develop. For example, it promotes resiliency, a sense of belonging and positive relations with parents and other adults. All Stars Character Education appeals to common sense. Consider the following ideas:

• Children who are highly motivated to engage in behaviors that manifest good character are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors in adolescence.

• When everyone agrees that negative social behaviors are unacceptable to the peer group they understand that avoiding these behaviors will help them fit in.

• Involvement in an institution or group that has positive standards will protect children from experimenting with and engaging in high-risk behaviors.

• Parents and other important adults can help children to become highly motivated to engage in good character and avoid high-risk behaviors.

All Stars Character Education has 15 activities. Students discuss, practice, explore and reinforce six character traits: being caring, forgiving, helpful, honest, respectful and responsible. Activities are fun, engaging and highly interactive. They include games, art activities, small group projects and off-site field trips. Late elementary-age youth are challenged to embrace these six characters in their life.

The program is ideal for community-based settings, such as after-school programs, churches and community or recreation centers. It is also perfect for elementary school classroom settings!

To visit more about how All Stars Character Education can work for you and your students, contact Kathleen at 402-489-1072 or kathleen@knslearningsolutions.com.