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The Meaning Behind the All Stars Name

Author: Kathleen Nelson-Simley Posted: Thursday - January 11, 2018

Often I am asked about the name, All Stars. Does it have special meaning? Why was it chosen?

While writing the commitment sessions in All Stars, developer, Dr. William Hansen, believed he needed to have students make commitments in some symbolic way. He considered giving some kind of recognition for each commitment made in All Stars. Dr. Hansen developed a circle of nine stars and found that each star could represent one of nine commitments made in All Stars. When a student makes nine commitments for themselves in All Stars – earning all nine stars – they become an All Star!

As students near the end of the program by writing personal commitments, explore ways to reward students with the All Stars ring. Featuring the circle of nine stars, the ring is a visual reminder of their commitments made. When more students wear the All Stars ring in a school or community it reminds them many others have made similar commitments as they have.

All Stars may be the name of the program, but it really refers to all of the students who have made nine commitments in their life. Celebrate and recognize them! They are All Stars!